Today I woke up in Bolivia.

Well, technically I woke up yesterday on a plane in Bolivia, but that doesn’t count. Our plane glided into La Paz as the sun rose yesterday. Wow! What a view! La Paz is the highest ‘capital’ in the world. [I say this because it isn’t technically the capital of Bolivia. Sucre is the historical capital] And the proximity of our plane’s wing to the mountain tips was enough to make you want to hold on tight to anything nearby. Unfortunately we were only passing through. So we sat on the plane waiting for passenger exchanges and watched as our flight attendant breathed through an oxygen mask!

This morning I woke feeling the effects of altitude. As far as I can tell Cochabamba sits at 8,343 feet, although I’m seeing a large spectrum of elevation guesses on the web. Either way, thats about 8, 343 feet higher than the elevation at which I live. My fingers and toes are all tingly.

Now we begin our week here in Cochabamba to set up a study abroad/service learning course. More to come.


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