Meet Viktor and Chola



This trip Nick and I lucked out as we were assigned to the sweetest couple in all of Costa Rica. They have been so welcoming and loving. In their 70s, Viktor and Chola have been welcoming students into their home now for over 20 years. Chola showed me a photo album of students and families who have stayed with them stretching back into the late 1980s. [Chola is a nickname that everyone calls Maria] While Chola was a nurse by profession, her passion is hosting students who come to study in San José and travelers who work with organizations.

Chola welcomed us with a very traditional Costa Rican meal called Casado, which is a rice and beans dish with fried plantain and salad. I’m in love. We have become fast friends over meals and after I returned from the beach at Manuel Antonio burnt to a crisp, Chola spent hours rubbing a large aloe leaves all over my blistered body. While I love all the volunteer work we are doing I have to say, que rico is the life of talking for hours over coffee in the Costa Rican breezes with Viktor and Chola.

I’d give you their address BUT no one in Costa Rica has home addresses.


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