Legends Intertwined




There is a story that the locals tell about the Urraca bird. This bird with beautiful blue plumage makes a sound similar to a laughing chirp as it flies from branch to branch, yet this bird is a bird that despite its beauty locals shoo away, cast away because of its mischief. 



The Legend


In the Garden of Eden lived Adam and Eve and a bird of extraordinary beauty. This garden was of course the most beautiful garden with the most beautiful things and amongst the large collection of plants and animals lived the urraca bird. The urraca bird was a brilliant blue bird with tufted hair atop its head and long satin shimmering blue tail feathers. This bird was the most beautiful bird, and she knew it. She had a fondness of spoons and shiny things and loved to admire her reflection. Her mischievous nature began to overshadow the gorgeous nature of the bird. Unaware of agitation, the urraca always laughed and giggled as she flew amongst the treetops happy with her beauty. Oh how glorious to have such natural beauty!


Eve would watch the bird admiring her beauty and over time became envious. Eventually, Eve grew jealous and feeling mocked by the curious chirp of the happy urraca, Eve banished the bird from Eden. 



A Land Cast Out


El Salvador is a cast out, on the fringes of thought in the world a country of both extreme beauty and extreme depravity. This is also a country of great horror in the face of treasured beauty. The people laugh, are pretty, coquette standing in trash, trash that the world casts out.


Consider the beauty, consider the history, the tragedy of it all.




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