ca724a_4820fc0a64b3435ea4ced9a167a0eb37.jpgAutumn Quezada de Tavarez, Ph.D. History

Autumn Quezada de Tavarez is an Assistant Professor of Latin American History at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. She is also the coordinator for the Latin American and Latino Studies Minor at RWU. Amongst one of her most important roles on campus is that she is co-advisor for the RWU Chapter of FIMRC (www.fimrc.org). She has traveled for six years with will over 100 students for service learning in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Peru.

Professor Quezada de Tavarez’s research and teachings included topics related to Modern Latin America in terms of race, ethnicity, revolutionary movements, rights struggles, social justice, and human rights. Professor Quezada de Tavarez actively researches and is involved with innovative study abroad teaching on the island of Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti). In addition, she is currently working on a book titled The Model Indian: Power, Litigation, and Rebellion in Nineteenth Century Chiapas (University of Colorado Press). She has also published in the journal of Ethnohistory, co-edited a volume titled Decentering Discussions on Religion and State: Emerging Narratives Challenging Perspectives (Lexington Press). She is also currently co-authoring a chapter that addresses ethics and pedagogy of working in the public health field with university students.

Courses: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

Latin America Revolutions

Religion in Latin America

Gender in Latin America

Social Justice in Latin America (a Study Abroad course in Hispaniola

History of Mesoamerica

Slavery in the Americas

Historical Research Methods (Dimensions)


Contact information:


Dr. Autumn Quezada de Tavarez

Department of History and American Studies

Office: GHH 213

Email: aquezada-grant@rwu.edu

Phone: 401-254-3024

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